Our Specials and Up-front Pricing

$189 any area up to 10 sq.ft.
Price includes:
1. replace/repair roofing shingles up to 10 sq.ft.
2. any sealing as needed
3. all materials and labor
4. quality roofing shingles from Home Depot
5. guarantee to prevent future leaking
6. free inspection of entire roof
most one-level homes
2-level townhouses
most 2-level homes
most 3-level homes
Price includes:
1. cleaning all gutters and downspouts
2. flushing gutters and downspouts
3. tighten loose nails
4. check ridgevent and roof
5. leaves and debris will be placed in bags and left at job site.
$3.30 per linear foot
Price includes:
1. quality gutter covers from Home Depot
2. cost of installation and materials
3. guarantee to prevent future clogging
if done at same
time as gutter cleaning
Price includes:
1. trimming tree branches around gutters
2. branches will be left at your property
average size room
each additional room
Price includes:
1. trim and ceiling painted with same color
2. cost of paint is additional
weeding and mulching
of front-yard
Price includes:
1. removing all weeds
2. up to 4 bags of mulch, distribution of mulch
3. pick-up and delivery of mulch
per sq.ft.
per sq.ft.
Price includes:
1. all materials and labor
2. professional installation
3. lifetime guarantee
avg. 1-level house
avg. 2-level house
Price includes:
1. pre-wash and soak, cleaning gutters on the outside
2. extra care for window screens
3. enviro-friendly cleaning solution
bathroom cleaning
each additional bathroom
Price includes:
1. scrub tiles and bathtub, clean sink and vanities, wash floor, dusting, empty trash