Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your siding is one of the most quickest and most cost effective way to keeping your home looking like new. It removes dirt that can grind away at your siding and built up mold, mildew, and algee can also be pressure washed away at a fraction of the time it would take to scrub it by hand.

Single Family Home Pricing
1 Level Rancher $239
2 Level Home $295
2 Level in front, 3 Level in back Home $325
2 Level Townhouse $239
2 Level in front, 3 levels in back Townhouse $295
3 level Townhouse $325
Custom Homes $295-350

* Individual sides of the home (front, back, left or right): $89-$129

Pressure Washing

Generally cleaning is recommended every 2 years or as needed. Alumminum, steel or vinyl can all benefit from a thorough washing. It's also an ideal way to prep a surface before you paint.

You don't want to to pressure wash if you suspect that your house has been painted with lead paint. Typically these are homes that were made prior to 1978.

Our service includes:

  1. Pre-wash and soak
  2. pressure wash with commercial 3,800 PSI machine
  3. clean theoutside of the gutter included
  4. extra care for windows screens and door frames
  5. enviro-friendly cleaning solutions.

We also provide:

  • Deck Pressure Washing
  • Patio Pressure Washing
  • Driveway and Walkway Pressure Washing
  • Porch Pressure Washing
  • Roof Pressure Washing