We respond quickly.

We are aware that a leaking roof is an emergency for every homeowner and we make sure that we respond accordingly. In most cases are able to repair your roof within 1-3 days. In emergency cases we’ll repair your roof on the same day.

Roof and gutters are critical for every house

Maintaining your roof ad gutters and keeping them in good shape is probably the single most important task to keep your home structurally sound. Literally nothing can damage a home more than a leaking roof or gutters. Water damage can rot the wood framing and destroy insulation and drywall. Leaking roofs or gutters can cause thousands of dollars in damage, but it will only cost a fraction to maintain it and keep them in good shape.

New roof or repair the old roof?

From years of experience we can tell you that in most cases a simple repair job can add many years to the life of your roof. Of course, some contractors may tell you that the only solution to your leaking roof is that you need a new roof…but all you need maybe some minor repairs to your existing roof. A new roof should be the last option and if you really need a new roof we’ll give you the best possible estimate to install a new roof along with our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

Who to hire for roofing services?

There are lots of contractors that offer roofing services, and in the end it always comes down to the homeowner to make the final decision. Make sure that contractors are properly licensed, are insured have a good reputation. We have seen cases where unlicensed contractors without any insurance actually charge more than fully licensed and insured contractors.

Price includes:

  1. replace/repair roofing shingles up to 9 sq.ft.
  2. any sealing as needed
  3. all materials and labor
  4. quality roofing shingles from Home Depot
  5. guarantee to prevent future leaking
  6. free inspection of entire roof